DO less, ACHIEVE more

Here is a short article to assist in time management! Something I’m sure we could all learn from…

Multitasking doesn’t actually help you get more done during the day. According to one study, it can take an average of 25 minutes to resume a task after being interrupted. That means interrupting one task to work on another can make both jobs take longer to complete.
To break the multitasking habit, rethink productivity. It’s not about getting more done. It’s actually about doing less. Or, to put it another way, it’s about getting more of the right stuff done.

Let’s take a look at four time management tips that can help you complete your most important tasks.

Productivity tip 1: Focus on your energy

Productivity tip 2: Start with just one thing

Productivity tip 3: Separate to-dos from might-dos
Not all tasks are created equal. There are your difficult, important tasks (which you’re getting done at the start of your day), but there are also the not-so-urgent tasks. Let’s call those the might-dos.

It’s tempting to put your might-dos on your to-do list. After all, it feels great to check off multiple items on a list, no matter how small they are. On the other hand, it can turn your to-do list into a stress-inducing, energy-sapping, neverending series of tasks that are difficult to prioritize.

Instead, put your might-dos on a separate list. That way, you can spend a majority of your energy on finishing your major projects. When they’re completely done, you can reference your might-do list and start chipping away at it.

Productivity tip 4: Make your calendar work harder
Use your calendar for more than just remembering appointments and meetings. Block out chunks of time on it each day when you can focus on to-dos. And don’t forget to schedule those intentional breaks that allow you to renew and replenish your energy.

This practice is especially important if you have a shared calendar with coworkers. Having work and break times reserved in your calendar can deter people from booking meetings or distracting you when you’re trying to be productive or when you’re engaging in practices that give you more energy.

Scheduling official times to focus and reenergize can also help you be more patient, self-aware, and consistent, which in turn can make you a better coworker, friend, and family member.

In summary, productivity doesn’t mean racing through as many tasks as possible in one day. Instead, rethink productivity. Concentrate on your important work and focus on renewing your energy throughout your day via intentional breaks. You can then manage your time by starting each day focused on one major task, distinguishing between to-dos and might dos, and scheduling times for work and for breaks in your calendar.

I hope this was helpful to you and assist in better productivity. If you have any more tips/tricks to add, please feel free to in the comments!

Andrew Bouffe
I am not going to bore you with the normal “I am a hard worker, and I am loyal”. In a nutshell, I am a Search Engine Paid Specialist and Analytics guru.

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