SEO – How to improve & why you need to do it

If you have a business, then you more than likely already know the importance of prominent visibility on your local search engine. Nearly half of all web searches have intent behind them, which means if your customer doesn’t find your business on the listed searches, they WILL find your competitors.

#1 Content Marketing Strategy

An ever-changing algorithm of factors, ensures that no one website can remain in the No.1 position indefinitely. But of these 1000’s of factors, content creation is one of the most important. Focus on creating original content, that’s engaging and relevant to your audience. Check what topics and hashtags are trending, so that when content is shared across your social platforms, your reach is increased.

#2 Consistent Quality Content

Creating a regular weekly article, based on what is trending and relevant to your audience will increase the amount of value you offer to your readers. Not only will these opinion pieces, position your company as a thought-leader in your industry, but it will also increase your website traffic.

#3 Backlinks

Where possible always include your website URL on every piece of content that is shared. We recommend that you find relevant publications that you can send ongoing content through to get published. This will not only build strong backlinks for your site, but will increase your traffic and create more brand awareness.

It’s very possible, that everything mentioned so far, is already on your radar, but you just don’t have the time or the resources to tackle it. If you would like assistance with your SEO and don’t have the luxury of hiring a specialised in-house team, you can reach out to us on 087 822 1488 or contact us at

Rachel Ulyate
Rachel Ulyate
Growing up in a well-travelled family, being exposed to new and different experiences from an early age and being taught the value of service above self, has shaped my enthusiasm for ‘All-Things marketing.

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