Tips for #BrandLove

Many customers feel that brands don’t understand them, and therefore miss the boat when it comes to advertising their products. In order to prevent this from happening, there are four tips for brands to follow.

#1 Ensure your brand has a positive impact on both the individual and their lifestyle
#2 Make sure your brand is authentic and genuine – this entails being honest about your strengths and your weaknesses
#3 People love aspirational brands, this is what motivates them to want and do more
#4 Customers want a brand that they can connect with on an emotional level

Brands that get this right, will have customers for life!

Rachel Ulyate
Rachel Ulyate
Growing up in a well-travelled family, being exposed to new and different experiences from an early age and being taught the value of service above self, has shaped my enthusiasm for ‘All-Things marketing.

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