5 Aspirational Brands South African Millennials Are Obsessed With

There is an estimated 75.4 million people between the ages of 18 and 34, who make up the millennial demographic. Their numbers are part of the reason that brands have targeted then and acknowledged their buying power.

What does it take to incite excitement among millennials over a product or service?

Lifestyle Marketing: Building a Brand That Contributes to Culture

The key insight to every successful performing millennial targeted brand is that there is a lifestyle marketing strategy. Lifestyle relates to a way in which a certain group of people live. A lifestyle embodies the person’s ideas, opinions, interests, attitudes and behaviours. A lifestyle brand is one that has shown the consumer that its product will assist in everyday life and can be used as a vehicle of self-expression of the ideals that dictate their lifestyle.

Ultimately, making a lifestyle connection with a demographic requires building a brand with an ideology that resonates and aligns with the target demographic. Once that connection is made, the brand becomes a social phenomenon, embodying the personality of the target group of consumers. 

The following five brands have built themselves into lifestyle brands that speak to a specific audience and have found incredible success within their target niche – South African millennials. Due to expert positioning and a willingness to stray from traditional lifestyle marketing products and dependency on social media, these five brands that the South African millennials have voted the coolest brands of 2018 are:

  1. adidas
  2. Gucci
  3. Puma
  4. Redbat

Nike has retained its position at top of the log as South Africa’s Uber Cool Overall Brand and was also awarded as the Coolest Shoe/Footwear Brand, and the one with the Coolest Brand Slogan, Just Do It!

The best lifestyle brands know exactly who they’re marketing to. They use the power of user-generated content to connect with their passionate customers one-on-one. They provide valuable, interesting content on a regular basis. They interact, engage and empower. They’re original and confident– and they’ve found a direct path to consumers.

Just Make It Happen!” These are the words I hear from clients regularly. And this is what I do.

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