Bill is an awesome man, be more like Bill

He is right! Bill Gates – international business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, and humanitarian – understands and leverages the value of Public Relations. It is one of the fundamental reasons for his success.

If there’s one resolution your business should make as we enter the second month of 2019, it should be to create and implement a Public Relations strategy.

Think you don’t need one? Here are seven reasons a PR strategy is a smart choice for Business Success:

  1. Credibility: Getting a favourable mention of your business in the media holds far more value than a paid advert, because it has far more credibility with the public.
  2. Control: You have more control over the message when you provide them with the story.
  3. Crisis management: A good PR plan goes beyond generating positive news coverage for your company. It’s about being proactive and being prepared to handle bad publicity.
  4. Exposure: People are bombarded with information. Public relations offers another way to reach them, another channel to build awareness and create a positive image.
  5. More Bang for your Buck: PR offers more value than advertising. It is a cost-effective way of raising awareness and improving your company’s image. Editorial coverage can come at no cost to you, and it can really enhance and supplement your marketing initiatives.
  6. SEO benefits: Making sure positive stories are told, with a consistent message will keep your organisation higher up in search engine rankings, bringing more customers and growing your business.
  7. Staying power: In the digital age, news stories have no shelf life. They are visible on search engines and their exposure increases as they’re linked by other sources, whether in a newer article, a blog post,

Does your organisation have a PR plan??

Contact CVLC Communication, your GO TO specialists for powerful Public Relations Plans and effective roll-out across all platforms (digital, social, tradition, print, online, broadcast, eventing).

Just Make It Happen!” These are the words I hear from clients regularly. And this is what I do.

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