Amazon could be your next ISP with its 3,236 satellites in orbit

Amazon plans to put 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit which includes:

  • 784 satellites with an orbital height of 590 kilometres;
  • 1,296 satellites with an orbital height of 610 kilometres;
  • and 1,156 satellites with a 630 kilometre orbital height

Geekwire uncovered the filing recently.

The satellites coverage should provide internet access to roughly 95% of the planets population and will hopefully give us options for our connectivity.

With fibre, our wireless networks 3/4G, and the upcoming 5G satellite connectivity, we’re in for a very connected 20’s here in South Africa. It looks like this will happen in time for 8K streaming that consumes around 28,8G worth of data per hour.

Francois Vorster
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