Check out Google’s new ad types, features and formats.

Discovery ads: You can create new Discover ads within Google Ads. These ads will show ads in the Discover feed on Google’s mobile home page, or in the iOS or Android Google app as well as in the mobile YouTube feed and in Gmail under the social and promotions tabs.

Gallery ads: An ad can now have up to eight images in gallery ads which is Google’s new mobile search ad format.

Showcase Shopping ads: These ads will be personalised and channel agnostic. Consumers will be shown recommendations based on their search and shopping history as well as other factors.

App deep linking: Google ads will now also support app deep linking from, pulling data from Google search and other ads.

Google have also redesigned Google Shopping which has additional functionality and integrates into Google Express.

So, what do these changes mean for the average person that uses Googles services and Android? Hopefully better, more relevant and more desirable ads; if there’s such a thing.

Francois Vorster
Francois Vorster
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