Is the “AirPower” still alive?

After Apple’s withdrawal of their AirPower wireless charging pad, due to overheating and possibly emitting signals more powerful than US or EU regulations would have allowed, a wireless charging company Zens is confident that they can do what Apple could not.

Zens has unveiled their idea for the Zens Liberty wireless charger. What makes this so special? The Zens Liberty will use 16 overlapping coils to allow the user to charge 2 devices anywhere on the mat at up-to 15 watts – faster than most other wireless chargers.

“The 16 coil wireless charger gives you complete freedom of placement, allowing you to place two devices anywhere on the charging pad”

If you’re willing to roll the dice on such a new and complex product, though, the Zens Liberty will be available in two variants this November: a R2138.31 Kvadrat edition – which has a nice-looking fabric on top of the aluminium mat, and a R2749.29 limited edition glass variant – which replaces the fabric with a pane of glass that lets you see the inner workings of the charging mat.

Can Zens do what Apple couldn’t? We hope so, but we are skeptical.

Milan Badal Editor
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