Who Let the Dogs Out

You may have seen Boston Dynamics’ Spot on the internet recently, dancing to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars or pulling a truck. Recently Boston Dynamics has leased out a few of their new versions of Spot for use by a few companies. Spot’s ideal use case is on oil rigs and in factories, where there are few people. Spot comes with 2 payload ports, allowing third party companies to make modules for it; such as LiDAR cameras, sensors, arms, etc.

Video Courtesy of Boston Dynamics

What makes Spot so amazing is the semi-autonomous operation. You show Spot where to go and it will find its way there. Spot will avoid obstacles, auto correct if it loses its footing, get up after falling over, etc.

Unfortunately, Spot is not for sale to the public, and with the lease being similar to that of a car, I doubt many people could afford it if it were for sale.

Milan Badal Editor
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