Android 11 Features

Google has just released the developer preview for Android 11. With some really impressive under-the-hood tweaks, here are our current favourites:


Reminiscent of Facebook’s chat heads is a new UI for messaging apps that let you keep several conversations easily accessible anywhere through a floating bubble. Right now, it seems that just Google’s own messaging app has support, but the idea is that any app — like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger — could take advantage of the feature.


To go along with the bubbles there is a new conversations section of the notification shade that breaks out new messages into their own area ahead of all your emails, Instagram likes, and app updates. The idea is to make the communication parts of your phone more accessible.

Better app permissions

Taking a page out of iOS’s book, Android 11 is adding the option to just give apps temporary permission to your camera, microphone, and location data. It’s a simple addition, but one that makes Android a little more secure.

Screen recording

Screen recording is back and has a whole fancy UI this time, which means that the feature may finally be shipping in Android 11. It basically does what it says on the can: records your screen.

What are some of your favourite Android 11 features?

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