SwapX – the powerful chrome trading platform has launched

The chrome trading industry has long been plagued by un-vetted suppliers and difficult-to-use interfaces; SwapX aims to change that.

“Rather than searching for Chromium products, the SwapX online trading platform will link buyers and sellers by an advanced product search criteria, and a rule-based notification engine that will alert buyers and sellers alike via the latest technology using real-time notification alerts.”

SwapX aims to create a secure and interactive online platform for the buying and selling of chromium and chrome ore products. The direct linking of buyers and suppliers makes the process safer, faster and cheaper by cutting out the middle man. Transactions can be processed within minutes of product demand or supply being listed

“SwapX’s secure environment meets all security and governance requirements through a simple and easy to use interface, reducing resources and cost required, yet is powerful enough to provide all the functionality required.”

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