Singapore Airlines Making the Most of a Bad Situation

In an effort to boost the ever-dwindling revenue amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Singapore Airlines has taken to using their grounded aircraft as impromptu restaurants.

Singapore has already “converted” two of its Airbus A380 planes into restaurants which, surprisingly, was sold out within the first 30 minutes of bookings being opened, as people seemed to have forgotten how difficult it is to balance a small tray on an even smaller fold-down table.

There are currently 4 tiers of meals for every type of flier. The economy class meal starts at $39 (R643.28 at the time of writing) and goes to a first-class style experience at $474 (R7817.35). Only 50% of the seats are available as Singapore Airlines implements social distancing on their grounded restaurants.

This comes as Singapore Airlines reported a net loss of over $850mil (R1.3bn). In addition to plane dining, the company has plans to deliver food to peoples’ homes; complete with cooking instructions and “specially curated playlist to recreate the SIA onboard experience”

From a fleet of 220 aircraft, only 32 planes are operating, as of the end of September 2020. Prompting the company to diversify its service offerings.

Milan Badal Editor
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