Apple: Being a Market Leader

Apple is often lauded as one of the most innovative consumer tech companies – whether that is true is up for debate, but you cannot deny that they are Market Leaders. In Apple’s October Keynote this year, they announced the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro. A standout moment of this keynote was not some amazing new technology that Apple had created or added to the new iPhone, but rather that it would come without a charger in the box.

Apple has touted the decision to no longer include a charger in the box as an environmentally conscious act. By removing the charger and earphones from the box, they can now fit 70% more products on a shipping pallet – reducing their transport emissions and costs.

As you can imagine this was a very divisive move by the tech giant. The internet was split down the middle – half saying it is an idiotic idea whilst others applaud them for taking this step towards a greener future. Companies also joined in on mocking Apple for their odd decision – Samsung released an ad poking fun at the situation.

Samsung Charger Ad

Even Xiaomi (the 3rd largest smartphone brand by market share) threw a friendly jab at Apple with their Mi 10t video.

Samsung has since taken down the post, and rumours point towards them also removing the charger from the box.

Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Mi 11 and announced that it will not be coming with a charger in the box.

Whilst Apple does not have the biggest market share, them being a market leader does make others sit up and take note whenever they do something.

Every year, an estimated 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced. Whilst the decision to ditch the in-box charger makes sense from a cost perspective, one cannot deny that removing the charger from the box will help the environment – albeit very minimally.

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