TikTok Marketing Guide for SMB’s

As part of its Small Business Month initiative, TikTok has published a new 60-page guide to provide SMB’s with tips, tricks, tools, explainers and case studies that will help provide perspective and guidance for those looking to make the most out of their TikTok strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights and how this guide will assist SMBs with their digital marketing efforts.

What Can TikTok for Business do for you?

In the first section of the guide, marketers will learn more about TikTok, their target audience and how businesses can get ahead on TikTok.

This is where marketers are likely to spend most of their time. Understanding who uses this platform and why is a fundamental aspect in shaping your strategy. If you don’t have a fully fledged understanding on the generation of TikTokers, it will deem very challenging to make the most of this platform.

Advertising Tools for Your Business

In section 2 of the guide, marketers will learn about TikTok Ads Manager as well as TikTok creator marketplace.

The TikTok Ads Manager, which is not too dissimilar to the Facebook and Pinterest UI, will enable businesses to make connections with their customers in an accelerated way.

By having a greater understanding of these things, brands can start driving real business results through correct targeting and ad management.  

Creative Tools for Your Business

In the final section of the TikTok guide, brands can glean tips to create the perfect TikTok and discover how brands are creating great content for the platform.

Starting your journey on TikTok may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. The Official Guide to Marketing on TikTok provides all of the tools, strategies and inspirations that small businesses need to thrive on the platform.

Time to get TikTokin’.

Jason Muller
SEO Specialist with an ever-growing passion for the digital industry. Enjoy meeting and working with people who are visionaries and dare to go the path less traveled, inspiring others along the way.

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