I’m More Productive At The Office.

I chat to my mom in the traffic and listen to my favourite tunes on Spotify; more importantly I get time with my thoughts an allows we to unpack things.

I engage and laugh with my colleagues and share stories and get new perspectives on things from them like cooking tips, good books to read and which Netflix shows to watch.

Coffee is better at the office because I can have it with friends and colleagues or just by myself while I work. We are a bit spoilt at the office as we have a Barista and we have great coffee on demand. Lunch is a social event and we eat together and talk about the day, ideas, problems and solutions.

Advice gets shared, and we have learnt the best time to give said advice is when a person has a mouthful of food so they cannot answer; all they can do is shake or nod their head. Its up to you to make your work work.

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