Reddit Assists Marketers in Campaign Planning with New Holiday Guide

With time etching closer and closer to the festive season, Reddit has launched a new Holiday Hub mini-site to help marketers understand some key insights into the platform’s usage trends and ultimately – build more successful holiday campaigns.

According to a recent Reddit study, 64% of Reddit users report that the app helps them in deciding which brands and products are best for gift purchases around the festive season. With 52 million daily active users, Reddit made the decision to get active and launch a new Holiday Guide to give marketers some assistance in building effective campaigns during the silly season.

As told by Reddit: “Holiday purchases start with Reddit research. People come to Reddit looking for advice on gifts to buy, traditions to start, recipes to cook, and more. They turn to trusted communities at every stage of the way – from discovery to consideration and action.”

The guide also gives marketers some insight into how they can plan out their festive season campaigns in line with key shifts in the marketing funnel.

To round off the guide and give marketers the best shot at successful, effective campaign creation and execution, the Reddit Holiday Guide also includes some copy and creative best practices. This features an array of tips and case studies as well as an overview of some key points to give some guidance in your digital marketing approach.

If you’re looking for some more information about Reddit’s Holiday Hub site, you can get a stack of more insights here.

Jason Muller
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