New Insights into TikTok Usage Trends & Impact on Audience Behaviors [Infographic]

TikTok has shared a new infographic that highlights newly found insights into usage trends as well as its impact on audience behaviors.

In partnership with Kantar, TikTok endeavored to find out via a new survey, if people would consider the time they spent on TikTok as “time well spent”. Among more than 7,000 global users, the findings show:

  • TikTok users are increasingly reaping more connection and enjoyment from the app.
  • Users are spending more of their time on TikTok and less of their time indulging in other forms of entertainment (Podcasts, TV, Reading and streaming videos).
  • Thanks to TikTok’s hyper-focused algorithm, the platform is demonstrating higher attention rates compared to other video platforms.
  • Gen Z is leading the charge with 25% saying that they have purchased or researched a product advertised on TikTok.

As said by TikTok:

“They come to TikTok for the community, stay for the creativity, and leave feeling happy and inspired. People love the positive experience that our platform provides, so they scroll longer and dive deeper.”

Take a look at the infographic highlights below:

Research Study: Time Well Spent – Infographic

TikTok Usage Trends
TikTok Usage Trends
TikTok Usage Trends
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