How Small Businesses Are Adopting Automation [Infographic]

With the rapid advancement in technological solutions, many day-to-day functions are being automated, hinting at how our daily life will someday be managed by machines.

As great as automation is in the sense of it being able to eliminate human error and take charge of laborious, time-consuming tasks, it does pose a range of challenges.

These challenges are particularly prominent for businesses that will have to align their judgment to favor efficiency over service, and robots over people.

How Are Businesses Adjusting to Automation?

A survey of 288 SMB’s was recently conducted in order to get the perspective of business owners on what they automate, and the benefits they’ve seen of said automation thus far.

The short of it, is that social media and email marketing are most prone to automation, along with some accounting functions and data analysis. However, customer-facing roles are not considered for automation…yet.

Check out the infographic below:

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