Tesla Has Been Shipping Cars Without USB Ports

Imagine ordering a new Tesla Model 3s or Model Ys only to receive it after months of waiting to discover that the USB port is nowhere to be found? This has been the case for a few Tesla customers who have reportedly received vehicles with missing USB ports.

The issue only surfaced on November 11th and seems to be only affecting the Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys. Some buyers have even turned to Reddit to air their frustrations and concerns regarding the missing ports. According to Tesla, the issue is unsurprisingly as a result in the chip shortage.

To add insult to injury, some buyers were not even told that their Teslas would not come equipped with USB ports – it was only when they took delivery of their new EV’s that they noticed their USB ports were missing.

According to Electrek, buyers who managed to get in contact with Tesla were told that the ports might be available in December and as such can book an appointment to get them installed. However, given the volatile nature of the chip shortage, there’s no guarantee that the parts will even be available.

Until such a time where the chip shortage is no longer an issue, it seems that Tesla buyers will have to deal with driving a battery on wheels that can’t charge their own devices.

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