TikTok to Surpass 1.5 Billion Users in 2022?

With the social media landscape demonstrating a healthy dose of competition lately, TikTok continues to demonstrate its ability to go from strength to strength. According to recent data, it appears that the app will only keep gaining momentum throughout next year.

According to a recent report, as TikTok’s influence spreads around the world, the platform is destined to surpass 1.5 billion users over the span of the next twelve months.

Interestingly enough, if this projection is true, it would put TikTok well ahead of Instagram, whose numbers haven’t really changed much since 2018.

If you take a look at TikTok’s growth over the last few years you will notice that its growth rate is unprecedented. TikTok has become a cultural force faster than any other platform in history; sure, it somewhat piggy backs on popular trends but Facebook and Instagram did not see remotely similar acceleration in growth.

We’ve seen similar growth surges in the past from Snapchat, but what makes this situation with TikTok truly different is the fact that other platforms have attempted to ride off the growth of others by ‘copying’ features – When Snapchat appeared set for massive growth, Instagram copied Stories and stunted Snap’s growth. Meta is trying to do the same thing with adding Reels on Facebook and Instagram to steal audience share from TikTok but despite the competitor’s cheap attempt, TikTok is achieving incredibly strong performance.

In fact, TikTok actually gained more audience as a result of counter-growth efforts from its competitors. But why has TikTok got such a strong hold?

Hello Advanced Algorithm Matching

The reason TikTok is able to trump its competitors even when they copy the platform’s features lies in its algorithm matching. TikTok’s algo is far better than any other platform in the quest to provide an endless stream of content that’s tailored to your specific interests.

If you’ve ever spent any time on TikTok you will know what we’re referring to; the customised ‘For You’ video feed is extremely accurate and addictive in its method of showing videos that align with your personal interests. Instagram gets this right sometimes, but most of the time misses the mark and shows users broad content that doesn’t exactly tickle their fancy.

What This Means For 2022’s Marketers

Sure, TikTok may not be a platform that comes naturally for advertising but based on the platform’s projections for next year, and the fact that it has generated more cultural relevance around the world than any other platform, it may be worth deepening your understanding of the app and familiarising yourself with the latest trends so that you can reach your audience where they are, when they’re active, in the way that makes the most sense to them. Because after all, isn’t that the gist of social media marketing?

If you’re looking for a good place to get started on marketing on TikTok, the platform has recently released a new digital magazine that highlights effective marketing approaches in the app, check it out.

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