Spotify Launches Lyrics Feature – For Paid and Free

Spotify has finally begun the rollout of its real-time Lyrics feature after a bout of only offering it in a selection of countries.

As said by Spotify:

Lyrics are one of the most requested features from listeners across the globe. So after iterating and testing, we’ve created an experience that’s simple and interactive—and even shareable. By partnering with Musixmatch, we’re bringing song lyrics to life through in-app access across the majority of our extensive library of tracks. 

As of today, Lyrics are available to all Free and Premium users globally across iOS and Android devices, desktop, gaming consoles, and TV, so that millions of fans can connect with the music and artists they love on an even deeper level.”

The music streaming app has announced that it will be making Lyrics available to all global users; both Free and Premium, across platforms.

How to find Lyrics on Spotify

Ready to sing along? Here’s how you can find Lyrics on Spotify whether you’re using the mobile app, desktop app or SoptifyTV app.

On the Spotify mobile app:

  1. Tap on the “Now Playing View” on a song.
  2. While listening, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. You’ll see track lyrics that scroll in real time as the song is playing!
  4. To share, simply tap the “Share” button at the bottom of the lyrics screen and then select the lyrics you want to share—and where you want to share it—via third-party platforms.  

On the Spotify desktop app:

  1. From the “Now Playing” bar, click on the microphone icon while a song is playing.
  2. Voila! You’ll see track lyrics that scroll in real time while the song plays.

On the SpotifyTV app:

  1. Open the “Now Playing View” on a song.
  2. Navigate to the right corner to the “lyrics button” and select if you want to enable Lyrics. 
  3. Once enabled, you’ll see the lyrics in the “Now Playing” View.

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