Google To Shut Down Currents – the Google+ Replacement

Google has announced that it will be shutting down Currents, the replacement for Google Plus. The current work-focused platform will dissolve starting in 2023 and be replaced with Spaces – Google Chat’s version of a Discord room or Slack Channel.

Farewell Again, Google Plus

Currents is somewhat of a digital bulletin board that helps employees working at the same company to share files, chat, and stay connected. However, since it was introduced in 2019, it hasn’t exactly received much attention from Google.

Essentially, this will be the second time Google puts an end to Google Plus. But why? Well, Currents has cited low usage, and there is a newer kid on the block – Spaces.

What Is Google Spaces?

Originally dubbed “Rooms”, Spaces is a dedicated place for organising people, topics, and projects that closely integrates with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet. Spaces is somewhat analogous to a Discord room, or Slack.

Google Currents

Google will be winding down Currents next year, with a migration path that will see remaining content and communities brought over to Spaces.

As said by Google:

Upgrading Google Currents to Spaces removes a separate, siloed destination for users, and provides organizations with a modern, enterprise-grade experience that reflects how the world is working today. Spaces provide a central place for teams to engage in topic-based discussions, share knowledge and ideas, move projects forward, and build communities and team culture.

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