How to ‘Stick the Landing’ according to Meta – Landing Page Best Practices

Enticing users to click on an ad is one thing, but getting them to take action after clicking through to a landing page is a another thing altogether. Landing pages play a critical role in driving conversions – but how exactly do you captialise on this and get the most out of your landing page efforts?

Meta’s Customer Growth Consulting team partnered with Branding Brand and analysed 500 landing page experiences to uncover key insights into what converts, and what doesn’t. Dubbed ‘destination pages’ by Meta, the report includes an array of valuable insights and notes.

“As Meta and user experience experts at Branding Brand conducted research and began classifying the different types, we determined that it was much more accurate to broadly refer to these as “destination pages,” since landing pages are just one type.”

Destination (Landing) Page Best Practices

Let’s take a look at Meta’s suggested best practices for landing pages.

Ensure your landing pages load in less than 3 seconds

According to Meta’s land page optimisation best practices guide, 53% of mobile customers will leave a site/page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Spend some time optimising your site speed so that your landing pages load in under 3 seconds.

Have continuity between your ad and the landing page

When a user clicks on an ad and is taken to a landing page, that page needs to feel like a natural next step. Think of the landing page as the opportunity to reinforce what was shown in the ad.

“The best destination pages create a sense of seamless continuity for shoppers.”

Identify common questions and include these answers on landing pages

If a customer sees your ad and has additional questions surrounding the subject matter, your landing page should include these answers so that customers aren’t forced to click through to multiple pages to find the answers.

Evaluate form your customer’s perspective

Evaluate your mobile experiences from the perspective of your customer. VP of User Experience Strategy at Branding Brand says that “marketers often forget to put themselves in their customer’s shoes.”

Shift your perspective every now and then; the best way to serve your customers is to get in their frame of mind.

Mobile friendly design, always

With most adults spending more than 4 hours a day on their smartphones, people expect intuitive and well designed websites that are easy to use.

Review your ad-to-destination experience

Before you go live on anything, review your ad-to-destination experience with Meta’s scorecard included at the end of the whitepaper.

Meta’s whitepaper scorecard that helps advertisers learn the three C’s of high-performing destination pages and evaluate their ad-to-destination experience.

Click here to download the full whitepaper

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