Bionic Reading Chrome Extension now Available

According to Bionic Reading, your brain reads faster than your eyes. However, since this concept went viral, the biggest question asked was: “How can it be implemented to help users across the web?”. Well, the good news is that Bionic Reading is now available for Chrome and Edge via a neat Chrome extension.

The new extension also works on Edge (due to the fact that the Edge browser is based on Chromium). It works by taking a webpage and emphasizing certain parts of each word to help ‘drive’ your eyes along the text.

The extension does however have some limitations; it doesn’t render any images or other content from a webpage, and tends to have mixed results depending on which website you’re trying to convert the text of.

Although the Bionic Reading extension has limits, it is highly customisable.

Below are some of the ways users can optimise their text:


With the Fixation option, users define the expression of letter combinations


With the Saccade option, users define the visual jumps from fixation to Fixation.


With the Opacity option, users define the visibility of their Fixation.

Fine details

Users also have the option to refine their text even further and get more options by having the ability to configure:

  • Font
  • Font Size
  • Line Height
  • Letter Spacing
  • Column Width

You can check out the new Bionic Reading extension, here.

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