Twitter Re-Launches Chirp Developer Conference

Social media platform Twitter is seeking to strengthen its bonds with the developer community with the re-launch of its ‘Chirp’ developer conference.

The Chirp developer conference brings together members of Twitter’s team and developers to chat, share insights, initiatives, and provide answers to key technical queries.

As said by Twitter:

“The Chirp Developer Conference is a celebration of the innovation developers have brought to Twitter, the opportunities that await, plus a few surprises.” 

When will the Chirp developer conference take place?

The Chirp developer conference will take place on the 16th of November 2022, and will include:

  • Reveals
  • Keynote sessions
  • Community engagement initiatives

Chirp Developer Challenge

The re-launch of Twitter’s developer conference will also include the Chirp Developer Challenge where developers can submit their most creative/innovative use of Twitter’s API.

Twitter Chirp Developer Challenge

The challenge will award prizes over three different categories:

  • Public Good apps
  • Content Discovery apps
  • Conversation safety tools

Over $520k worth of prizes will be awarded in the above categories.

You can submit your app to the Chirp Developer Challenge by August 19, here.

Jason Muller
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