Improving your YouTube Channel’s Performance: Answers to Some FAQs

If you’re wondering how to getter a better understanding of YouTube’s systems, and how you can work with them to improve your chances of success on the platform, you’ve come to the right place. We will take you through the tips and tricks as well as the mindset you need to have. 

YouTube’s Rachel Alves who runs the “Creator Insider“ channel, as well as Benji Travis and Sean Cannell from the Video Influencers” channel aim to address and provide some guidance on the matter by divulging some important information for those who are looking to maximize the performance of their content on YouTube.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions, answers, and tips from the video.

#1: What is the best posting strategy to maximize channel performance?

There is no precise posting strategy that will work best to boost performance because YouTube’s algorithms have never been tuned depending on how many videos a channel posts. However, YouTube optimizes suggestions for viewers depending on their frequency of channel visits. According to the ‘Video Influencers,’ it is critical to “make sure your content is searchable.” People will find your channel if you have stuff that they are looking for. The more visitors you have, the better and more recommendable you will be.

#2: Is it a bad strategy to create content related to trending searches?

Alves claims that although there is greater competition for attention among popular material, an increase in audience desire for videos about similar themes also increases. Viewers, depending on their interest levels, will want to consume a number of videos on related to the trend.

Stay on trend while you give your different perspective/opinion; “If you think that you can create something fresh, more entertaining, informative, or that you have a unique take on a subject where you think your content is gonna’ stand out, and it’s differentiated among all the other content on the internet, go for it.”

#3: How is your channel affected by experimenting with new topics?

According to Rachel, she says that experimenting with new topics, in an algorithmic recommendation sense, shouldn’t hurt performance.

“If you’re experimenting and you start developing audiences that are totally distinct from each other – let’s say you’re making videos about like soup recipes, and then you have a bunch of stuff about origami tutorials – maybe you might wanna split those into separate channels, less for our discovery systems, but more just to help viewers so that they don’t have content in places like their sub’s feed that isn’t what they initially signed up to watch.”

YouTube’s systems attempt to match viewers with individual videos that they are most likely to watch. The video Influencers take a different stance on that. You may not be hurting your video’s performance, but a fresh change away from your normal content may end up decreasing it’s the likelihood of your channel being as entirely relevant to a certain category.

#4: Does deleting offensive or problematic comments have any impact on video performance?

Alves says that YouTube’s algorithms’ optimize for engagement with the video itself.

“If you have fewer comments, it’s not gonna’ hurt your video’s performance. So yeah, delete them if you wish.”

If you’re a YouTube creator searching for methods to improve the performance of your material, it never hurts to learn more about the major best practices and processes. See their whole videos below:


The bottom line is that YouTube’s algorithm is constantly altering and evolving, by design. Things that perform or have greater weight now might or might not carry the same value next month, quarter, or even year. For the most part, this is by design, to prevent large channels from from “breaking the code” and commanding the whole platform, suppressing all the others. It’s also a result of YouTube’s never-ending “change” policy, which requires its employees to constantly focus on modifying things, regardless of the need to or real improvement.

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