HashFetti! The next stop on Twitter Roadmap

As Elon Musk continues to clarify his current plan. Musk is evolving the app quickly, slowly clarifying and homing in on specific elements specifically the financial benefits on offer.

It was recorded last year November (2022) that the app has an all-time high number of users, and that figure is only increasing. Here’s a little, but somewhat amusing, new Twitter addition that you could observe floating around.

Twitter has enhanced its branded hashtag experience by filling the screen with the visual (as seen above) when users tap the branded tag. This isn’t a significant change, but it might provide a new level of involvement, making its ‘hashmoji’ ads more appealing.

Leah Culver, Senior Software Engineer, said For Hack Week 2022, [we] assembled a team to build a fun feature for Twitter advertisers as an upsell to branded hashtags…  We got a lot of “NO” for not very good reasons. When Elon Musk took over at Twitter, we saw our chance.”

And that chance has developed into a change that has already started to assist in driving enhanced campaign results.

In the long run however, it may be another consideration to factor in when trying to increase resonance, gain brand exposure and make your advertising stand out.

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