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Education or access to information is an area Google continues to excel in. As said by the late great Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Google has taken this to heart with their large number of courses available to us for free. Some may require payment for their certification exams if you choose to do them after your course.

This is significant, given that there are areas all around the globe that require access to education but don’t have the resources to deliver that service. With Google’s reachability they can combat that challenge.

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The importance of education in South Africa

Unfortunately for South Africans, a lot of us do not know that we have access resources like ones offered by Google. For many of us, the only way we understand how to educate ourselves is go through traditional schooling.

Unfortunately, that system cannot accommodate everyone. So where do the rest of us go?

Looking at the Stats SA website, about 64% of youth aged 15-24 were recorded to be unemployed in the first quarter of 2022. About 35% of people aged between 25 and 34 were unemployed. A large contributor to this is the limited access to education and skills training. With Google’s free courses, we could reduce that number.

The top benefits of Google’s courses

These are just a few of the benefits that Google courses offer.

Gaining new skills and knowledge

This is the main goal for using these platforms. You learn something new. This will of course make you more valuable in the workplace as you now have got something to offer a potential employer. You could specialise in a skill or have a general understanding of a couple several topics.

Enhancing your resume

After you’ve completed your course and/or certifications, the exciting part comes in. You can download the certificate and add it to both your resume and LinkedIn profile to advertise your expertise. This would make you an attractive candidate to employers as this indicates initiative.


Some of these courses give you the chance to network with professionals in your industry. This means that you get to learn from individuals who’ve been in the industry for some time, accelerating your learning journey.

Keeping up to date

Google updates its content regularly. This ensures that you do not gain a skill in something that has become obsolete.

The top challenges of Google’s courses

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no challenges? Unfortunately, that would also be unrealistic. Below is a list of challenges that come with these courses.


These courses vary in depth. Some courses only scratch the service of a topic, which may not challenge some people. Some go really in deep into a subject that it may be overwhelming for others. You may need previous experience to complete the course.  

Self-directed learning

There isn’t any guidance from a supervisor of some sort. Someone like a teacher or tutor to hold your hand. You’re going to have to commit to certain time everyday or regularly to complete these courses. Self-discipline is the name of the game as there is not urgency to motivate you to complete it.  

Technology requirements

This refers to the hardware and software needed to interact with these courses. So being without these will make it impossible to take these courses.

The top 5 courses offered by Google

Given that you know what you’re looking for, are a disciplined individual, and do not have any issues with acquiring equipment, you can look at some of the courses available to you.

1)     Google Digital Garage

This course is all about digital marketing. These topics range from SEO and analytics to content marketing and social media. Great for those who wish to get into marketing.

How long it will take is entirely dependent on your approach. Some have managed to finish it in days, while others finished in weeks or months.

2)     Google Analytics Academy

The Google Analytics Academy is a course on everything analytics as the name suggests. This is your data collection, processing, configuration, and reporting. The course length varies between a couple of days to a few weeks.

3)     Google Ads Courses

This course is a course that about everything Google Ads. Search, display, video, and shopping campaigns included. This would take you a few hours to a couple of weeks to complete.

4)     Google My Business

This short course covers the basic setup of the Google Business Profile. It can be done in a couple hours and isn’t as challenging as some of the others mentioned before. It can be considered a great entry-level course.

5)     Google IT Support Professional Certificate

This course is designed for individuals in search of an entry level course to pursue a career in IT support. The course should take you about 6 months to complete.

Final Thoughts

Google providing courses like the ones mentioned earlier, gives people the opportunity to learn new skills to gain employment. This is important particularly for places like South Africa. The more we advance in technology, the more we can educate others.

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