Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

How many of us have walked into a restaurant, sat down, not got tended to nor greeted by the staff and then proceeded to leave the establishment with a bitter taste in our mouths? Most of us have encountered this unpleasant experience at least 5 times in our lifetime but we are equally guilty of this criminal affair in the social and digital media space. How you ask?  By leaving customers comments unattended to.

For many social media marketers, responding to each and every comment made by a user seems like a daunting task. However, leaving social media users unattended or unacknowledged has the same effect as being ignored at a restaurant. A simple ‘thanks for sharing @user’ or ‘we agree with you @user’ for example signals that you have read the customer’s comment and it helps to establish a personal relationship with the customer. Plus, Facebook prefers when social media marketers keep the conversation going as it indicates that the content engaged on is relevant and will continue to show your post to more people.

Are you too busy to keep up with your customer’s comments? Get in touch with us on 087 822 1488 and let us handle your social and digital media accounts.

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