The business of ‘influence’

One of the biggest shifts in marketing is the fact that a brand’s message today doesn’t have to come from the brand.

While some people have noted that social media influencers are becoming an integral part of social media advertising in pushing a specific brand or promoting a certain product; others have stated that they are not easily swayed by the influencer themselves but rather by what is currently trending in the social media streets.

One of the things seen in the influencer marketing space is that brands are using influencers not just for their audience, but also for their creativity.

As a brand, you can’t just be thinking “exposure” anymore. There has to be that “impact” component and that engagement piece, that’s so much more important. By using influencer’s it feels more natural and authentic to the audience.

Some of the key things that brands look at when seeking to have an influencer promote them are:

  • If the influencer is aligned with the brands core values
  • Brand safety
  • What the influencer’s followings are and what platforms they have followings on

While money may be the motivation for some influencer’s, others choose to partner up with brands that are in line with their livelihood. For these influencers, staying true to themselves and their style is what really helps when it comes to picking the partners that could work with their personal brand.

It’s important to remember that influencer marketing is not just about who has the biggest reach, but who are your passionate customers, and how are these customers advocating for your brand in a way that helps you tell your story more effectively.

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