Awesome (And crazy) stats about our know-it-all friend, Google

OK, so Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day, in translation, that’s 5,443,200,000 per day on average. Per month, it’s one hundred and sixty-three billion two hundred and well, A LOT!

So I’m pretty certain you’ve used Google before, so on top of those mind boggling figures above, here are some pretty awesome (And crazy) stats about our know-it-all friend, Google:

  1. It was originally named BackRub (I know, imagine having an argument over trivial pursuit and shouting “I’ll just Backrub it”).
  2. As part of Google’s green initiative, they rent goats to mow their lawn around their Mountain View HQ – And employees also say it helps calm them to see goats when looking outside their windows… Time to have a chat with your boss?
  3. No part of a Google office is allowed to be more than 45 meters away from some kind of food (I am confirming that these are facts, not wishes from a genie).
  4. Google IS actually a verb. It was officially made a verb by the Oxford Dictionary in 2006!
  5. Google really knows how to have fun, there are thousands of easter eggs and different things you can do using Google, besides Googling something. For example, go to Google Images and search for “Atari Breakout”…Enjoy!
  6. Google’s first computer case was built using lego, so they could increase storage space with ease.
  7. Google acquired YouTube in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars (I know, pocket change) and it was decided at a Denny’s…They didn’t want to meet at offices! *You are welcome to forward this article to your boss
  8. For ONE Google search, it takes the same amount of computing power it took NASA for the entire Apollo space mission. This puts technology advancement into perspective!

There are tons more facts and fun things to learn about Google, if you have any more crazy/awesome ones, feel free to comment them below.

Andrew Bouffe
Andrew Bouffe
I am not going to bore you with the normal “I am a hard worker, and I am loyal”. In a nutshell, I am a Search Engine Paid Specialist and Analytics guru.

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