The future of car buying is online

Now, I know you think cars have always been visible/available online, fair enough – But thanks to technology and data, we can see the massive increase in the online car buying trend and the amount of options we have to “research”.

According to Google, 92% of car buyers research online before they buy…

People research;

  • Videos
  • Lifestyle Fit to their personality
  • Price Range
  • Comparisons

I’m sure most of you reading this have done at least one of the above, but the most advanced part is the fact that you can now do a 360 real view test drive of a car that you are interested in, which might eliminate the admin of having to view the car in person.

Have a watch of this video below based on an Honda Civic. (*Keep in mind, you can drag and hold on the video to move the camera around)

What do people who are researching and auto-enthusiasts watching on YouTube?

  • Car Commercials (11.1M)
  • Highlights (7M)
  • Maintenance (6.6M)
  • Digital Film (4M)
  • Vlog (5.3M)
  • Educational (5.2M)
  • Review (4.9M)

So, here are a few takeaways what auto brands can learn from this:

1. Make it feel REAL – Less advert, more lifestyle.

2. Exlusive and unique content – Use showrooms, dealerships and auto shows to create awesome content. It drives interest early, and it gets creators talking about the product/car.

3. Invest in longer form content – The content drives the sales, 74% of car buyers who watched an online video with BRANDED content, but NOT commercials. So invest and collaborate with YouTube Creators and you can create “real” commercials.

Andrew Bouffe
I am not going to bore you with the normal “I am a hard worker, and I am loyal”. In a nutshell, I am a Search Engine Paid Specialist and Analytics guru.

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