We finally know when the Galaxy Fold is being released

In February, Samsung announced their revolutionary new “smartphone”. This “phone” was supposed to be the natural evolution of the smartphone; a smartphone that could become a tablet. A concept that everyone loved, but was skeptical of.

Shortly after the announcement of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung released a few units for reviewers to… review. To the dismay of Samsung and the tech community, some of the review units started to experience problems. Some screens died when reviewers, such as Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), removed what appeared to be a screen protector. Other’s phones failed due to dust getting into the hinge and working its way to the screen and forming bubbles. Overall, not a triumph for Samsung.

After the calamity of the Galaxy Fold failures, Samsung recalled all Galaxy Folds and said that they would be delaying the launch until they fixed the flaws. Months went by and there was no word as to when the Galaxy Fold was going to be released, or if it was going to be released. Until a few days ago: the revised Galaxy Fold will be released in September. Sporting a number of improvements, such as extending the top layer of the screen so that it doesn’t look like a screen protector.

It was unfortunate to see an amazing piece of technology have a bad start. Hopefully this time they will have worked out all the kinks, as this will push the entire smartphone industry to push the envelope.

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