South Africa enters the world stage with a R1bn factory

Covering 28000m², in East London, Yekani Technologies has launched its R1bn factory, where it is producing tablets, laptops and smartphones.

“This is the only factory of its size in Africa with the kind of technology we’ve deployed. We are able to manufacture any technology or electronics,” said Dr Siphiwe Cele, the Yekani Group Chief Executive.

“It’s important for government to understand they can’t win the war against unemployment alone and we are ready to play our part as business”

Dr Siphiwe Cele, the Yekani Group Chief Executive.

This factory could potentially create 1800 new jobs. The 4th industrial revolution is an opportunity for everyone to develop their skills and their economies. Yekani is taking advantage of this shift and South Africa will be the better for it.

Yekani have already announced a few of their devices that they plan to mass produce. They have announced a line-up of a flagship smartphone, a basic smartphone, 10” tablet, 2-in-1, convertible, and 14” laptop.

With the support of government they could play a role as job creators and contributors to GDP and tax income of the country, Cele added.

Not relying on imports for devices will create greater competition with the international market and allow for cheaper devices within South Africa. This pushes to fruition the dream of wanting technology to be a part of everyday life in South Africa

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