Over 100bn hours watched on YouTube Gaming in 2020

Globally, YouTube gaming saw over 100bn hours of watch time in 2020. This is double the viewership in 2018.
Here are some stats on the YouTube Gaming community in 2020:

Top 5 games on YouTube

  1. Minecraft – 201bn views
  2. Roblox – 75bn views
  3. Garena Free Fire – 72bn Views
  4. Grand Theft Auto V – 70bn views
  5. Fortnite – 67bn view

With Among Us bringing in over 4bn views in September alone.

YouTube Gaming Channel Milestones

  • 80 000+ creators reached 100 000 subscribers
  • 1 000+ creators reached 5 000 000 subscribers
  • 350+ content creators reached 10 000 000 subscribers

YouTube now has over 40 000 000 gaming channels. Part of the reason why gaming content has likely surged in 2020 is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has sent online entertainment stats through the roof for activities like streaming TV and multiplayer gaming.

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