IMS Opens Offices in Durban

IMS is expanding once again, yes you read it correctly! The agency that produces catchy headlines and eye-popping design, develop campaigns that are relevant and resonate with your potential customs are on the move and expanding to a new location.

With a string of first-rate beaches and some of the most popular beach resort destinations, it is not hard to imagine why IMS chose Durban as it is the newest addition to an already existing line of destination to expand into.

IMS is known for their expert development teams and creating, maintaining, and optimizing visually stunning websites and landing pages in no time at all. Our team is not constrained by red-tape, office-hours, or bad coffee and by making use of the appropriate tools like research, strategy, and creative ideas to build brands it appeals to your customers and makes your business boom.

IMS advertising agency takes the time to learn about you, your business, its culture, and your customers. Getting to know your industry and your market, as we will never be the expert you are and for that reason, we listen, practice inclusion, and show a genuine interest in our business.

Don’t be fooled by our fun, quirky demeanour as we enjoy what we do. You can rest assured that IMS will benefit your business. We look forward to seeing what great opportunities Durban holds for us and look forward to welcoming you to our offices in Umhlanga Ridge, Durban.

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