Battle of The Browsers: 5 Alternatives to Google Chrome

With a whopping 64% market share worldwide, It’s safe to say that Google Chrome dominates the browser market and for a very good reason – Chrome provides a fast, seamless web browsing experience. But it comes at a cost.

As fantastic as Google Chrome is, there is one major pitfall – privacy. Excessive RAM usage aside, Google tracks us relentlessly and we can all agree that the barrage of personalized ads gets highly frustrating at times.

So, for those who aren’t happy to trade their privacy for a great browsing experience, here are some of the best alternatives in 2021 for you:

Top 5 Google Chrome alternatives (2021):

  1. Brave
  2. Vivaldi
  3. Firefox
  4. Safari
  5. Opera


The best open-source browser

Brave lands our number 1 spot for its ability to block trackers and ads that invade your privacy and affect your browsing experience.


The customizable browser

Vivaldi uses the same chromium base code so Chrome users will feel right at home. With its customizable UI and superior tab-management, Vivaldi takes the number 2 spot.


Best alternative in terms of speed

Mozilla’s Firefox allows far more control over privacy compared to Google Chrome. It even houses a feature known as “Tracking Protection” that prevents sites from tracking you. For this, Firefox takes bronze.


The best alternative for Mac/IOS users

Safari is one of the best alternatives to Chrome – it’s secure, fast, offers syncing abilities and possesses good password management. The Apple engineered browser and its clean UI take 4th with pride.


Most feature-packed browser

Opera has stood the test of time and as such, it remains one of the best Chrome alternatives in 2021. For its useful built-in features that lets you surf the web without ads and more, Opera makes the top 5.


If you’re serious about protecting your privacy and willing to stray away from Chrome, consider swapping your default browser for one of the 5 alternatives listed above.

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