3 Ways to Prepare for Marketing’s Permanent Shift

Digital marketing tools have enabled businesses to be creative in the way they adapt with digital transformation. While it is encouraging to see how things are evolving at such a rapid rate, new consumer behaviors are becoming more permanent and as such – we need to take into consideration how our best practices will apply post-pandemic.

It’s a known fact that digital channels can impact a business and its return on investment. However, as we look forward, we need to embrace the opportunity for a digital transformation and invest in measurable strategies for the new reality we’ve been faced with.

Preparing for the Marketing Shift: 3 ways to emerge stronger on the other side

  1. Stay Agile to Be Relevant in The Moment
  2. Value Relationships Over Sales
  3. Get Comfortable with The New Discomfort

Stay Agile to Be Relevant in The Moment

Since the pandemic outbreak, resources for many companies have become limited, meaning brands no longer have the luxury to ‘let their minds wander’. In order to take advantage of the possibilities enabled by digital, we need to become nimbler in our approach, using data and analytics to continuously source promising solutions to problems in real time.

Staying agile means being at the forefront of new tools, technologies and methodologies. The marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate and knowing which new developments are worth implementing into your marketing strategy will become a sharp arrow in one’s quiver.  

Value Relationships Over Sales

If there was ever a time where being responsive and helpful to your consumer’s needs while fostering long-term connections, that time would be now.

Not only do relationships unlock your true potential but they are powerful information sources – they are able to grant you valuable insights into the lives and minds of your customers. Going forward, your approach to developing genuine relationships should look very different to managing a sales transaction. Being a savvy, future-focused brand means being focused on building relationships and brand trust over driving sales.

Get Comfortable with The New Discomfort

Past structures and best practices that worked in the past won’t necessarily work going forward. Sure, there will be many aspects of those structures and practices that will remain very valid but to position yourself for long-term success, you need to consider how your strategies can compliment those past practices.  

To be futureproof, you need recognize that you’re no longer taking reactive measures until things normalize; you’re building for a new normal where you need to reassess and reinvent yourself. Get comfortable, with both the challenges and the silver linings and you will emerge victorious in the pursuit of adaption.

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