Brave’s Search Engine is Now Available in Public Beta

The privacy-friendly alternative to Google Chrome has launched its own search engine in public beta worldwide and can be used independently from the Brave web browser.

What is Brave Search and Why Does It Matter?

Brave Search is an independent search engine built by Brave and aimed to offer the first all-in-one browser.

For years, Google has dominated the search engine landscape with a whopping 69.80% market share. As incredible as this is for the tech giant, users aren’t as happy, and for a good reason. Google tracks a lot of what we do online and for many people, this lack of privacy isn’t quite cutting it anymore. That’s where Brave Search comes in; the new search engine offers a host of privacy-related benefits:

  • The ability to search without a trace
  • Private search that’s user-first
  • Independent search
  • Real transparency
  • Comprehensive privacy

The Industry’s ‘First Search Independent Metric’

A huge draw point of Brave Search is that it is built using Brave’s own search index and doesn’t rely on that of Google or Bing.

However, for certain queries where the index doesn’t have enough relevant results, Brave will use Bing as somewhat of a backstop. Interesting to note that users will be able to see what percentage of results are coming from third parties vs Brave’s index. The company calls this ‘the industry’s first search independent metric’.  

CEO and co-founder of Brave, on the launch of his company’s search engine, states:

“Brave Search is the industry’s most private search engine, as well as the only independent search engine, giving users the control and confidence they seek in alternatives to big tech.

Unlike older search engines that track and profile users, and newer search engines that are mostly a skin on older engines and don’t have their own indexes, Brave Search offers a new way to get relevant results with a community-powered index, while guaranteeing privacy.

Brave Search fills a clear void in the market today as millions of people have lost trust in the surveillance economy and actively seek solutions to be in control of their data.”

Looking for a summarised version? Check out our web story.

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