Embrace Change.

Being cognizant of what’s going on in the world and in business sectors around you is essential to making a success of your business. The step thereafter, however, is just as essential yet many refuse to take it. Changing things up in their business. Shifting, pivoting, re-structuring.

We’re too often stuck in our ways to realise that while we stay put in the old way of doing things, the world will continue turning without us. If there’s one thing that life has taught us since the fateful dawn of the year 2020 – it’s that you better be ready to embrace whatever comes next.

It’s on this point that we’ve embraced and encouraged change here at Laboratory Live. What had started as an event management and marketing firm in 2016, has now grown into a well-established brand strategy and production agency.

We saw the change in content distribution online over the past 2 years and shifted our focus to cater for high quality video production. We again saw an increase in marketing related service offerings in our space, which led to an over saturation and low-quality output by many service providers, so we shifted to offering consulting and brand strategy services.

We look forward to a prosperous year of doing business and will continue adopting the attitude of embracing change, at all times.

Filming set for Laboratory Live Client
On set for Laboratory Live Client: Hisense Mobile
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