How The Pandemic Has Shifted B2B Marketing

B2B or business-to-business marketing has undergone some major shifting as a result of the pandemic. Many industries were hit hard but the impact of the pandemic on B2B marketing has been significant, and as a result, thousands of businesses have had to adapt and change the way they operate.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant impacts the pandemic has dealt marketers with.

Change of Customer Touchpoints

There’s no doubt about it – the way that customers interact with brands have changed rather drastically with digital channels demonstrating just how important they are for business. We can see exactly that reflected in the rising interest shown for digital marketing:

Rebalancing of Creativity & Innovation

With fewer resources available, businesses are being forced to change the way they approach things. A different mindset has to be taken where problems are looked at and dealt with differently.

The practices, solutions and approaches businesses and marketers took pre-pandemic won’t have as much power and effectiveness now. As such, brands need to take a step back and rebalance their brands through creative and innovative approaches.

Creativity has become far more than an attribute to help brands effectively convey their messaging. Creativity has become a vital component in the survival kits for all brands. It need not be layered afterwards like icing on a cake, but be baked in from the very beginning with customers front of mind, every time.

Adaption Over All Else

Against the backdrop of a very prevalent pandemic, emotionally tense times are forever present.

In order for B2B campaigns to have any chance of success, brands have had to put connecting with their audience at the heart of campaigns. The adaption that brands need to now show is tougher, more advanced and more unnatural than ever before. But, that doesn’t mean that it is not important; quite contrary.

Brands need to place a reasonable amount of effort on shifting their focus to being adaptable and weather-proof, because if there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it is that turbulent times are imminent, and change is constant.

Emphasising Values & Emotion in Content

B2B marketers have experienced significant drive to shift their content and tone for marketing, and for a very good reason. During something like the pandemic, audiences need to be reminded of the human element behind brands.

Brands need to emphasise value and emotion within the content they’re creating to help their customers make better decisions that will improve their lives.

The pandemic has changed the ways thousands of businesses operate. Almost immediately, brands were forced to drastically create and grow their digital presence to survive. With an increased interest in digital marketing, we saw a fundamental shift in the way in the way businesses develop relationships with potential customers.

Going forward, the importance of a strong digital presence is unlikely to diminish. As such, continually evolving the way things are done, with customers at the forefront of decision-making and creativity and innovation backing these decisions, B2B marketing will continue to change. But, as long you do too, you can continue to capitalize under new pressures, new constraints and new challenges.

Jason Muller
SEO Specialist with an ever-growing passion for the digital industry. Enjoy meeting and working with people who are visionaries and dare to go the path less traveled, inspiring others along the way.

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