Pinterest Bans Ads Related to Weight Loss

As data from the National Eating Disorders Association shows a steep climb in unhealthy eating during the pandemic, Pinterest have acted and updated their policies to prohibit all ads that relate to weight loss imagery and language.

“As our community of Pinners grows, so do searches for topics like healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and fitness tips. We’ll continue providing useful and relevant content for those searching for it while prohibiting content that displays, rationalizes or encourages eating disorders and other types of self-injury.  For example, whenever Pinners search for keywords related to eating disorders, we block search results and direct them to expert organizations, like NEDA, so they can find additional resources. Pinterest also offers a variety of emotional well-being activities developed by emotional health experts, accessible directly within our mobile app and website. Pinners can simply search for “#pinterestwellbeing” to explore gratitude and self-compassion exercises, along with other interactive practices that can help improve their mood.“  – Pinterest

As such, Pinterest’s updated policy will now prohibit the following:

  • Any weight loss language or imagery; 
  • Any testimonials regarding weight loss or weight loss products; 
  • Any language or imagery that idealizes or denigrates certain body types; 
  • Referencing Body Mass Index (BMI) or similar indexes; and 
  • Any products that claim weight loss through something worn or applied to the skin 

In the recent years, Pinterest has stepped up its game in terms of consumer safety, tying in with the fact that the platform is promoted as a place for inspiration where everyone belongs, regardless of body shape and size. To assist other players in the industry to join the movement, Pinterest has highlighted their timeline of action to emphasise the importance of appropriate policymaking.

It is great to see the platform taking the steps to fulfill its mission while doing what is necessary to create a positive environment that cultivates creativity, sharing and connection. In the midst of the pandemic, we could sure do with more tech giants jumping aboard the same bandwagon.

Jason Muller
Aspiring SEO Specialist with an ever-growing passion for the digital industry. Enjoy meeting and working with people who are visionaries and dare to go the path less traveled, inspiring others along the way.

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