Snapchat Offers Official Certification for Social Media Marketers

Marketers now have the opportunity to showcase their Snap ads knowledge with an official certification from Snapchat, through its Snap Focus education platform.

Snap Focus is Snapchat’s official learning portal for marketers. It was originally launched in June last year with the aim of providing a range of courses on various Snap ad tools and options. With the addition of the new certification pathway, additional elements are added to the process to help marketers further extend their learnings and efficiency on the subject for professional benefit.  

Each course offered takes only around 30 minutes to complete, with a final exam at the end.

The official Snapchat certification is made up of 5 key elements, with each having its very own lesson plan:

  • Drive Full-Funnel Results with Snapchat
  • Win Bids in the Auction
  • Reach Your Audiences
  • Activate Cross-Channel Measurement
  • Launch a Split-Test Campaign

“This new certification, Snapchat Ads Manager Campaign Activation, offers the next level of learning with lessons on developing full-funnel media plans, gaining audience insights, and activating cross-channel measurements.  Complete the practice exercises to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and workflows needed to plan, build, and launch successful campaigns on Snapchat.”

In the world of digital, staying ahead of the pack is extremely important. Technology, tools, and social platforms are continually changing; It is all too easy to fall behind. But, with free, official certifications, marketers and social media managers can remain empowered and continue to produce great content. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what social media is all about?

So, whether you’re still grasping the basics or trying to become more efficient in a specific area, Snapchat’s certifications will help you develop the skills you need to create great content and conversion-worthy Snapchat campaigns.

Jason Muller
SEO Specialist with an ever-growing passion for the digital industry. Enjoy meeting and working with people who are visionaries and dare to go the path less traveled, inspiring others along the way.

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