Instagram Provides More Analytical Activity with 60 Day Data

Instagram analytics are a powerful tool for marketers to understand performance, but with only 30 days’ worth of data, it became challenging to longitudinally diagnose performance on a granular level. IG has realized this and as such, has stretched its data tracking period from 30 days to 60 days.

Vishal Shah, Instagram VP of product tells us: “We’re doubling the timeframe to 60 days for now (it’ll be 90 later this summer). We’ll keep making updates based on feedback and share more when we can.”

Instagram has added a new tool within IG Insights that users will be able to access by tapping the date range tool. You’ll still be able to access the existing preset date range (30 days) and measure results by ‘blocks’ combined with the ability to map data over a longer period.

More Capacity to Measure Results

You will now have the power to analyse the last two months of data at once, and eventually you’ll have three months of data to refer to. This will provide marketers with increased capacity to measure results.

Currently, there are some third platforms that provide the ability to expand measurement capacity beyond 30 days but not having to rely on any third-party tools makes all the difference for marketers (not to mention the possibility of more accurate data).  

More Data Please

In the digital marketing sphere, data makes the world go round – the more data, the better.

Due to the fact that we rely so heavily on data to understand audience’s behavior, what IG has done by increasing the measurement period beyond 30 days is far more of a big deal than some may think. Creating more efficient marketing delivery starts with precise, extensive data. And, having that data at your disposal can mean the difference between a successful and a not-so-successful campaign.

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