LinkedIn Rolls Out Dark Mode

Those that prefer to avoid bright pages, rejoice. LinkedIn has finally rolled out dark mode. offering users an alternate display option on both desktop and the mobile app.

LinkedIn Dark Mode vs Normal Mode

Users will now have the option to browse the business-orientated social network in an ‘easier-on-the-eye’ dark interface.

Although dark mode has been seen as simply a skin, the real purpose is to limit exposure to blue light. As great as blue light is to improve device readability during the daylight, extended exposure in low-light situations can lead to disrupted sleep cycles.

Sure, it’s a cooler display, but it has more than one use.

According to LinkedIn, the new dark mode option specifically focuses on two key elements:

  • Accessibility – “Dark mode meets accessibility standards, with color and contrast elements that help reduce eye strain and keep in mind light sensitivities. We adjusted certain colors within the dark mode design to meet or exceed color contrast ratios for better text legibility and user interface controls to accommodate the overall light to dark background contrast.

  • Inclusivity – “We also took this opportunity to introduce dark mode versions of our illustrations that complement the dark mode experience. These illustrations capture a wide variety of industries and fields beyond tech and represent professionals of all abilities of backgrounds, bringing to life our vibrant and diverse LinkedIn community.

How Do I Turn on Dark Mode on LinkedIn?

Here’s how to enable dark mode on the LinkedIn mobile app:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to Account Preferences
  3. Under Display, select Dark Mode
  4. Choose between Dark Mode, Light Mode or Device Settings

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