How to Trade In Your Old iPhone

If you’re a loyal iPhone user, you’re going to consider upgrading to a later model (or at least the latest iPhone) at one point or another. But, if you’ve kept your current handset in good nick, it may seem like a waste docking it in a drawer to gather dust.

Instead of letting it become a decoration piece, a trade in is a great way to both dispose of your old device and unlock an affordable way of attaining a new model.

But, before you rush off to your nearest iStore, you need to go through a series of steps to make sure your pre-loved iPhone is looking its best and your data can be safely transferred to your new device.

Back Up Your Data

It’s always a good idea to have a backup of your data. For iOS users, the best way is to back up your phone on iCloud. Here’s a simple way of doing exactly that:

Select “Settings” > [your name] top button > “iCloud” > “iCloud Backup.”

Next, you’re going to want to wipe your phone (don’t worry, the step above is to ensure all your data is safe and sound).

Wipe Your iPhone

Now that you’ve stored your data, it’s time to clean-slate your old handset. This is a 3-part process, so hang in there and don’t skip any steps.

  1. First off, you’re going to want to ensure you’ve gotten rid of a few features:
    • Disable “Find My iPhone” – Navigate to “Settings” > “Find My” > “Find My Phone” > Toggle “Find My Phone” and “Find My Network” to off.
    • Unpair any devices on your phone
  2. Sign out from your Apple ID:
    • Select “Settings” > [your name] top button > “Sign Out”
    • Enter your Apple ID password
    • Tap on “Sign Out” and then again on the “Are you sure” pop-up.
  3. Now erase it:
    • Remove your SIM card from the phone
    • Go into “Settings” > “General” > “Transfer or Reset iPhone” > Select “Erase All Content and Settings”

You’re iPhone has now been successfully wiped but there’s one last thing you need to do before you rush off to trade it in.

Clean Your iPhone Up

It’s not unknown that a cleaner, better condition phone will trade-in for a higher value than one that’s scratched, used and abused. As such, you’re going to want to make sure it’s looking its best.

  • Remove any stickers.
  • Give the phone a full clean down, from top to front.
  • Try buff out any micro scratches.

Trade in. Trade Up.

Now comes the time you’ve been waiting for. Head down to your nearest iStore to get a trade-in evaluation by a consultant and instantly discount your new product.

Remember to take your ID with you as it’s required in order to process a trade in.

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