Google Implements New Process For Minors to Remove Their Images From Google Search

One of Google’s latest quests is to give kids and parents more control over how their images are used online. The tech giant has implemented a new, simplified process whereby those under the age of 18 can now request to have images of themselves removed from Google Search results.

As said by Google:

“While we already provide a range of options for people seeking to remove content from Search, we know that kids and teens have to navigate some unique challenges online, especially when a picture of them is unexpectedly available on the internet. With a newly implemented policy, anyone under the age of 18, or their parent or guardian, can now request the removal of their images from Search results, following a few simple steps. This means these images won’t appear in the Images tab or as thumbnails in any feature in Google Search.”

This update comes as a broader shift towards enhanced user protection as well as the misuse of personal information.

How Does The Process Work?

The process of requesting removal of personal information on Google is rather straightforward. If a user wants to request to have their image(s) removed from Google search results they simply need to navigate to the Google Search Help Center and fill out the removal request form.

It’s important to note that Google will require:

  • The URL of the image
  • The URLs of any pages that include the picture
  • The search term(s) that return the image result in question

Once you’ve provided Google with this information, they will then assess the request and advise on progress from there on out. Users should note that removal from search results does not necessarily result in removal of the image entirety. In this case, users will need to reach out to individual websites to have said images taken down.

What Will This Mean For Marketers?

For marketers and advertisers, this will mean more emphasis on acquiring permission from people to include their image(s) in their promotions. Additionally, this will require marketers to also take more precaution with including younger people in their advertising efforts. If marketers find themselves on the wrong side of Google in this regard, they could run the risk of seeing Google penalties. And as we all know, that is something to avoid like the plague.

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