Tesla Made a $50 Cyberwhistle – And It’s Already Sold Out

It’s no surprise that Elon Musk has a knack for selling odd gadgets, but the latest is a $50 Cyberwhistle which is exactly what it sounds like – a whistle in the shape of a Cybertruck.

Tesla Cyberwhistle

A Possible Stab at Whistleblowers?

On Tuesday, Musk urged all 65 million of his Twitter followers to buy a $50 Cyberwhistle inspired by Tesla’s upcoming electric Cybertruck. Not even a day later, the Cyberwhistle was out of stock.

Musk wrote with a link to the product “Blow the whistle on Tesla!” – an assumed jab at would-be whistleblowers.

As said by Musk:

“Inspired by Cybertruck, the limited-edition Cyberwhistle is a premium collectible made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish,” the product description reads. “The whistle includes an integrated attachment feature for added versatility.”

Musk also made fun of Apple’s $19 polishing cloth, saying that people should buy Tesla’s whistle instead.

“Don’t waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our whistle instead!”

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