Google Shares Top Search Trends of 2021 [Video]

Google has recently published its annual overview of key search themes and trends for the year of 2021. It serves as a dizzying reminder of just how turbulent a year 2021 was.

As said by Google:

“We reflected on difficult times that continued to test our resolve. We thought about those we lost, asking “how to honor someone.” We looked inward, searching for “how to take care of your mental health” and asking the big questions, like “how to be yourself” and “what is my purpose?”

We looked outward, too – thinking about how we could help rebuild and strengthen our communities. We searched for how to make sustainable choices, how to help Afghan refugees, how to stop Asian hate and how to support people in need across the world – from communities in India battling the pandemic to communities in Texas facing severe weather.

Check out the video below:

2021 Key Topics of Interest

If you head on over to Google’s 2021 Search Trends mini-site, you’ll see that it includes data on all of the key topics of interest, including overall searches as well as news events.

Google Search Trends 2021

As you can see above, the mini-site enables you to sort listings by region which will render more specific insights into what’s been happening in your country.

You can also see, based on search volume, perspective on the most popular songs and sport teams, along with a few other categories.

Although 2021 has been a turbulent year to say the least, Google’s Year in Search mini site acts as a brave reminder of how far we’ve come and that with each passing day we’re moving one step closer to the next stage of a post-pandemic life.

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