TikTok Releases New Insights to Help Brands Better Connect With Female Users

TikTok has recently shared some key insights, which shed light on the evolving landscape, and provide some useful tips on how marketers can improve the way they connect with women on TikTok. Research shows that this in general is still one of the most overlooked elements of marketing efforts today.

Let’s take a look at how TikTok’s ad solutions and creative tools make it easy for brands to engage with female users, and the importance of building authentic, lasting relationships with these influential users.

Marketing to The Modern Women

There’s no doubt that today’s women are multidimensional thinkers and doers, shattering stereotypes and creating an inclusive society. The world has indeed changed, and as such, the way that brands market to female consumers has too.

As much as the world has progressed in the realm of marketing to women, there still exists a huge gap between female buying power and marketing messaging. According to TikTok, women control over two thirds of the global consumer expenditure, but only 9% of them agreed that marketing initiatives actively engaged with them.

With this in mind, TikTok announced that its platform offers a significant opportunity to connect with female consumers.

As said by TikTok:

“To break through with modern women, brands need to be authentic, approachable, entertaining, inclusive, community-centric, and socially responsible – and TikTok has created a whole new ecosystem that makes all this possible.

Unlike other content platforms that showcase the flawless and the filtered, TikTok is all about being real – not fake. Women on TikTok feel empowered to be creative and to express themselves however they choose. Whether they’re discussing their acne journey or sharing the pain of a miscarriage, women are finding acceptance, inclusivity, and freedom on TikTok.”

Women are building authentic communities on TikTok that drive a deeper level of engagement with brands and other users. According to TikTok, women are 30% more likely to feel represented by the advertising they see, than those in the general population.

Now that we have a clearer understanding what makes TikTok’s community so unique, let’s take a look at the shared tips, designed to help brands tell their story in an authentic way that paves the way for a deeper connection with female users.

TikTok’s Tips to Connecting with Female Users

To enhance your marketing in the respect of giving more dedicated focus to your female consumer audience, TikTok advises that brands should:

Join the conversation

Be active and familiarise yourself with the two-way interactions between brands and customers.

Own your point of view

Ensure that your brand values are at the heart of your content.

Partner with TikTok creators as a core part of your strategy

TikTok creators are the key to unlocking brand resonance and relevance among women on the platform.

Use sound to capture your audience’s undivided attention

Utilising the platform’s sound-on environment can help brands to organically tap into the community vibe.

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